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MyLinux PLW at LinuxFund.org (SuperH-based Pocket Linux Workstation)


Please take a moment to register at http://www.linuxfund.org and contribute 
1500 of your Penguin Pesos to the MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation project. 
 Registration is quick and free; afterwards, you'll have something like 
15000 "Penguin Pesos" that you can use to "fund" projects.  Please consider 
"funding" other worthwhile Linux projects while you're there.  If you fund 
MyLinux with 1500 PPs, leave a comment online then send me a message, I'll 
be happy to send you a colorful, free SuperH RISC Engine t-shirt!  (Please 
note that International shipping may take some time!)

If you haven't heard about MyLinux, take a look at our web site below.  The 
LinuxFund web site uses really, really old photos!

Take Care.

Rob Wehrli  --  Creator of MyLinux? Pocket Linux Workstation
Arizona Cooperative Power, LLC
20280 N. 59th Avenue Suite 115-150
Glendale, AZ 85308-6847
(602) 418-0959 tel
(602) 547-5902 fax


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