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GNU tools status

I've been playing around with Kaz Kojima's patched binutils and gcc for the
last couple of months, and so far they've worked fine.  I also noticed that
some of these patches make it back to m17n.org to go into the Debian
binutils and gcc.

On the #linuxdc channel, we're wondering what the status is of the binutils
ever making it into binutils HEAD (as they seem to be required for
shared-library support), and to a lesser-extent the gcc patches as well -
we haven't figured out whether these patches are required proper SH
support, I am going to give it a shot without the patched gcc a little
later today.

The goal (at least for LinuxDC users) is to minimize the patching involved
to tools as we try to streamline a process to build the entire toolchain.

I also read Oliver's post about SH needing gcc-3.1 Debian-wise before that
work can go further - is there a way I can assist with this effort?


M. R.

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