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Re: Debian SuperH port

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:

> In terms of GNU toolchain, there are four different configurations for
> SuperH Linux, namely sh3/sh3eb/sh4/sh4eb.  You must take care not to
> mix up binaries of SH-3 with ones of SH-4.
> However, there is little difference between them except that only the
> latter have FPU instructions, so I think kernel level math emulation
> (not yet implemented) could cope with this problem.

Hmmm...that can be a pretty large problem until the kernel-level math
emulation work is finished and in the kernel.

> Since SH-4 can run SH-3 binaries, I'm going to build sh3/sh3eb
> binaries as Debian sh/sheb binaries for now.

Given the above limitation, would it be wise to base the current arch
builds on SH-3 rather than SH-4?  If I'm understanding this right, some
things may only run on an SH-4 anyway until the math emulation is working.

> Finally, I'm going to write and release some HOWTOs on SuperH (and
> Dreamcast) development.  Any comments would be appreciated, and I
> would answer your questions if possible.

This sounds interesting.  If you can, you may want to bring this up on
debian-toolchain as well, since we're still dealing with the issue of
packaging cross-compilers.


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