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Debian SuperH port

Hi there,

I'm working on Debian SuperH port in Japan, and here are patches for
dpkg I'm now using.  I wonder if these modifications are acceptable
for the official release of Debian GNU/Linux.

With these patches we can have two Debian architectures for SuperH
family: "sh" is for little endian, "sheb" is for big endian

In terms of GNU toolchain, there are four different configurations for
SuperH Linux, namely sh3/sh3eb/sh4/sh4eb.  You must take care not to
mix up binaries of SH-3 with ones of SH-4.

However, there is little difference between them except that only the
latter have FPU instructions, so I think kernel level math emulation
(not yet implemented) could cope with this problem.

Since SH-4 can run SH-3 binaries, I'm going to build sh3/sh3eb
binaries as Debian sh/sheb binaries for now.

Finally, I'm going to write and release some HOWTOs on SuperH (and
Dreamcast) development.  Any comments would be appreciated, and I
would answer your questions if possible.

YAEGASHI Takeshi <t@keshi.org>

diff -ruN dpkg- dpkg-
--- dpkg-	Fri Jan 12 22:55:49 2001
+++ dpkg-	Fri Mar  9 14:01:36 2001
@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@
 sh-linux-gnu		sh		sh
 sheb-linux-gnu		sheb		sheb
 shel-linux-gnu		sh		sh
+sh3-linux-gnu		sh		sh
+sh4-linux-gnu		sh		sh
+sh3eb-linux-gnu		sheb		sheb
+sh4eb-linux-gnu		sheb		sheb
 hppa-linux-gnu		hppa		hppa
 hppa1.1-linux-gnu	hppa		hppa
 hppa2.0-linux-gnu	hppa		hppa
diff -ruN dpkg- dpkg-
--- dpkg-	Fri Jan 12 22:56:09 2001
+++ dpkg-	Fri Mar  9 16:11:55 2001
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
 	    'mips',      'mips-linux',
 	    'mipsel',    'mipsel-linux',
 	    'sh',        'sh-linux',
-	    'shed',      'shed-linux',
+	    'sheb',      'sheb-linux',
 	    'hppa',      'hppa-linux',
 	    'hurd-i386', 'i386-gnu',
 	    's390',	 's390-linux',
@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@
+	s/sh[34]/sh/;
 	return $_;
diff -ruN dpkg- dpkg-
--- dpkg-	Fri Jan 12 22:56:09 2001
+++ dpkg-	Fri Mar 16 03:27:45 2001
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
 	-us)	signsource=: ;;
 	-uc)	signchanges=: ;;
 	-ap)	usepause="true";;
-	-a*)    opt_a=1; targetarch="$value" ;;
+	-a*)    targetarch="$value" ;;
 	-si)	sourcestyle=-si ;;
 	-sa)	sourcestyle=-sa ;;
 	-sd)	sourcestyle=-sd ;;
@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@
 mustsetvar version "`dpkg-parsechangelog | sed -n 's/^Version: //p'`" "source version"
 if [ -n "$maint" ]; then maintainer="$maint"; 
 else mustsetvar maintainer "`dpkg-parsechangelog | sed -n 's/^Maintainer: //p'`" "source maintainer"; fi
-eval `dpkg-architecture -a${arch} -t${targetgnusystem} -s`
+eval `dpkg-architecture -a${targetarch} -t${targetgnusystem} -s`
 archlist=`dpkg-architecture -a${targetarch} -t${targetgnusystem} -f 2> /dev/null`
 if [ x$sourceonly = x ]; then
 	mustsetvar arch "`dpkg-architecture -a${targetarch} -t${targetgnusystem} -qDEB_HOST_ARCH`" "build architecture"

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