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Bug#832155: New ssh-session-cleanup.service kills ssh user session during upgrade

Am 24.07.2016 um 17:47 schrieb Colin Watson:
> Compromise proposal: how about I make it do nothing if libpam-systemd is
> installed (e.g. "ConditionPathExists=!/usr/share/pam-configs/systemd",
> which is probably the simplest available check without needing to deal
> with multiarch paths), in which case presumably the hack isn't needed?
> (For backports to jessie, such a check would need to be deleted, unless
> you plan to backport the ordering fix as requested above.)

Counter-proposal: Add libpam-systemd as recommends and ship
ssh-session-cleanup.service only as an example file.
Add a section to README.Debian mentioning that libpam-systemd + UsePAM
yes is highly recommended (for the reasons I mentioned). If people want
to opt out of this proposed default configuration, they should enable
the ssh-session-cleanup.service unit by copying it to
/etc/systemd/system and running systemctl enable

This is something I could be ok with, as this would only affect users
which explicitly decide to use a non-default configuration.


P.S: I'm curious how this was supposed to work under sysvinit? I don't
see any special code which kills SSH user sessions on shutdown, am I
missing something?
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