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Bug#502444: sshd fails at boot-time following reload by /etc/network/if-up.d/openssh-server presumably due to race condition

I caught it dying under new circumstances this time:

/etc/modules is in its original state (no bnx2)
/etc/network/if-up.d/openssh-server contains only your patch
LogLevel is DEBUG1
Oh and by the way, the ipv6 kernel module is disabled, FWIW.

This is where it first starts in the boot process:

Jan 13 22:32:45 leeloo3 sshd[2028]: debug1: Bind to port 22 on
Jan 13 22:32:45 leeloo3 sshd[2028]: Server listening on port 22.
Jan 13 22:32:45 leeloo3 sshd[2028]: socket: Address family not supported
by protocol
Jan 13 22:32:45 leeloo3 sshd[2028]: Received SIGHUP; restarting.

And that was the last message when it died. The next message is when I
log onto a console and manually /etc/init.d/ssh start. I'll try to
increase the debug level some more. Just let's be patient because of all
those reboots I need to go through. Those new generation servers with 8
CPU cores boot debian at ultra speed, but the BIOS takes ages...

Kevin Price

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