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I have a new email address!
You can now email me at: adanielapiah@yahoo.com

- Agyeman Daniel: mr.a.d.apiah@live.com Dear Sir/Madam Request for Partnership In Ecowas Contract Execution I am Mr. Agyeman Daniel Apiah, a staff of the secretariat of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Lome, Togo. ECOWAS is awarding contracts for the supply of Relief Materials - Rice, Cloths & Sleeping materials, and Beverages for victims of drought in the Niger republic and displaced refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The quantity of rice required is approximately 12,500 metric tones (about 250,000 bags of rice, packed in 50kg bags) and the quantity of cloths (used and new) required is about 37 metric tones of shirts, trousers and blankets etc. The statutes do not permit any staff of ECOWAS to participate in contract bids and execution in other to avoid the abuse of due process and corporate governance. In view of this, I am looking for a reputable individual or corporate body that would secure the bid for the contract. In the end, I will have a commission of 10% of the profit for providing inside information for a successful bid. The beauty of the ECOWAS contracts is that, (1) The contracts are very lucrative, because they are usually awarded at about 10 times the prevalent market value of the products.(2) Once you are successful in the bid, 75% of the total contract sum is paid upfront as mobilization. Thus, the contract does not necessarily require ownership of a big company; all that is required is your ability to convince the ECOWAS consultants (in Ghana) of your integrity, reliability and competence in the execution of the job. Indicate your interest as soon as possible so that we may reach an agreement and get started. Contact me on my hand phone number or email address stated below. I await your response Thanks Agyeman D. mr.a.d.apiah@live.com adanielapiah@yahoo.com

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