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Bug#110094: Shipping Clerk - flexible time work-at-home opening

  Our company is looking for energetic and accountable individuals to occupy
  Shipping Clerk positions throughout the USA. These vacancies are entirely
  home-based  and do not require any travel or relocation. They are also
  suitable for students and senior citizens who are able to dedicate up to
  three business hours per day to their duties. No special qualifications are
  required, although previous shipping or customer service experience is a
  plus.  We  are  an international company providing mail/internet order
  opportunities for a global clientele since 1997. We are based in Russia, and
  also  have  offices  in  Latvia  and Kazakhstan. Our business provides
  online/Online Order facilities for those who are unable to benefit from the
  convenience of e-commerce due to lack of a banking relationship with an
  internationally recognized bank or because major online vendors will not
  ship to their location. We have domestic purchasing agents who place the
  orders on behalf of our clients, and the goods are then shipped to the local
  shipping clerks for further sorting and international shipment. We also
  provide escrow services for high amount and/or web auction orders, and offer
  assistance with customs clearance, if required. Currently, we are looking
  for individuals to fill in the positions of shipping clerks throughout the
  USA. Your duties will include receiving, sorting, repackaging and re-sending
  the orders made on behalf of our clients using the pre-paid USPS shipping
  labels that you will receive via email. You will be paid $20 for each parcel
  that you ship, plus $5 for each order that you will need to re-sort or
  re-package. We will also cover any other authorized expense, such as extra
  insurance or shipping materials. Your remuneration will be remitted to you
  via Western Union twice a month. You can expect to handle 5-15 incoming
  packages weekly, following a 2 week probation period. You can perform your
  duties from the convenience of your home. You will generally be re-shipping
  the orders on same day or next day basis, so you will not need to sacrifice
  your home space to storage. You will only be receiving orders placed with
  reputable online vendors and delivered by major courier services, such as
  FedEx  and  UPS, who pay great attention to ensuring that they are not
  involved into trafficking any illegal substances or hazardous materials.
  Thus, there will be no risk on your end. We also encourage you to open and
  inspect each package that you receive to ensure the legitimacy and safety of
  itsâ content. In order to fill the shipping clerk position, you need to be
  aged 18 and above, have a permanent address where you are available on a
  regular basis and also have access to phone and email. In order to ensure
  that you can be entrusted the client merchandise, we will need to verify
  your  identity  and confirm that you do not have any previous criminal
  convictions. To apply for this position and for more information on our
  company, please fax your resume and (optionally) cover letter to: (309)

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