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Bug#270770: rergerde

Rumo,r N-e.w*s+: 
O,nco,logy M,e_d_. I,n c .  (O,TC: ONC,O) a Canc.er Treat men.t So-lu_tions Gro up is s'a*i+d to h.a.v-e 
expe'r+ienced o,v-e-r a 1-000% incr*_ease in reve,nue.s f-o+r t,h*e fi-scal 3_r,d quarte'r e+nding J_u l y., 

2,0'0*7 comp,a_red w+i.t*h t-h,e p'rior y_e+a+r w,hile fisc+al four.th qu_arter result+s f'o,r 2'0.0_7 a,r.e on
tra_ck to exce*ed t*h-i's y-ear?s thi_rd quart-er resul-ts. 

O_N+C+O addit*io+nally pl'ans to in,cr+ease ser+vice of' ferings w'hich a*r e cur_'rently unde-rw,ay. 
Do n?t w,a.i+t f+o.r t*h_e n_e*w,s to c*o_m+e o u+t a,n-d l+o.s_e t'h-e o-pp+ortunity to g+e't in fr ont of the
genera l inve+stin+g p'ublic.  Onco+l_ogy M_e,d is in a mul--tibillion doll'ar i'n+dustry w,h+e.r,e 
t-h.e+y a_r-e gain-ing m+arket s*hare rapidl+y. 

C-a'l_l y'o_u*r broke,r n'o.w f*o*r O*N,C'O'. 

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