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Bug#354088: hanage

R umor N-e-w-s.: On-colo+gy M.e-d'. I*n c . (O'TC: ON*CO) a Ca*ncer Tr_eatme+nt Sol,u tions Gro+up is s_a.i d to h.a.v,e experi*e+nced o'v,e+r a 100.0% in*c rease in re+venu+es f-o.r t h e f.iscal 3 r+d quar,ter end.ing J,u-l+y', 2'0*0+7 co_mpa'red w,i-t*h t'h.e p'rior y.e-a_r wh ile fi+scal fo'urth quarte+r result*s f_o.r 2 0'0-7 a+r*e on

t rack to excee_d t.h i.s y.ear?s t*hird quar-ter res-ults. O'N'C_O additi.onal,ly p-lans to inc-reas+e ser_vice offeri ng s w_hich a_r,e curre+nt-ly underw_'ay.
Do n?t w'a,i*t f.o r t_h-e n_e w_s to c.o m'e o_u,t a+n-d l+o's*e t,h-e opport*unit,y to g.e t in f,ront of the

gene+ral inve*+sting p'ublic. Onc_olog.y M-e*d is in a mu'ltibillio.n dolla,r indu_str y w,h*e+r*e t-h'e-y a-r-e g-aining mark,et sh.are rapidl_y.

C.a_l*l y-o'u,r bro'ker n,o w f o'r O N C-O..

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