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Bug#296811: ssh hangning caused by buggy ADSL modem firmware here

On Sat, May 06, 2006 at 02:06:18PM +0200, V??clav ??milauer wrote:
> I resolved the problem here, buggy firmware is to be blamed: every
> packet having the flag ToS!=0 is silently discarded.
> More details: http://www.thp.uni-duisburg.de/~fred/DSL-G664T.html and
> http://www.magwag.plus.com/jim/tips-300t.html. 
> The end of http://www.abclinuxu.cz/hardware/show/112501 quotes the reply
> from dlink support (copy and paste the relevant part):
> > It is correct that SSH passthrough don't work with DSL-xxxT devices when
> > they are running with PPPoE and with Linux or MacOS SSH client. With
> > Windows SSH client, e.g. PUTTY, the SSH passthrough works fine. Only if
> > the devices work as an ordinary DSL modem in Bridge mode it works with
> >Linux or MacOS SSH, because in this mode the DSL-362T is fully
> > transparent.
> > We already reported this behavior to teh development a long time ago,
> > but it seems to be a chipset limitation, the colleagues in the
> > development department can not fix it. Sorry we don't have a solution
> > for this. 
> The box is running Linux and netfilter mangling could do the trick on
> the router; but mangling table is not compiled into the kernel in my
> specific case (dlink dsl-g664t). So I have to mangle when packets leave
> the client.
Would you mind contacting the other people who wrote messages to the
bug log, and asking if they can confirm that their problems have the
same cause you report?


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