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Bug#296811: ssh hangning caused by buggy ADSL modem firmware here

I resolved the problem here, buggy firmware is to be blamed: every
packet having the flag ToS!=0 is silently discarded.

More details: http://www.thp.uni-duisburg.de/~fred/DSL-G664T.html and

The end of http://www.abclinuxu.cz/hardware/show/112501 quotes the reply
from dlink support (copy and paste the relevant part):

> It is correct that SSH passthrough don't work with DSL-xxxT devices when
> they are running with PPPoE and with Linux or MacOS SSH client. With
> Windows SSH client, e.g. PUTTY, the SSH passthrough works fine. Only if
> the devices work as an ordinary DSL modem in Bridge mode it works with
>Linux or MacOS SSH, because in this mode the DSL-362T is fully
> transparent.

> We already reported this behavior to teh development a long time ago,
> but it seems to be a chipset limitation, the colleagues in the
> development department can not fix it. Sorry we don't have a solution
> for this. 

The box is running Linux and netfilter mangling could do the trick on
the router; but mangling table is not compiled into the kernel in my
specific case (dlink dsl-g664t). So I have to mangle when packets leave
the client.


Vaclav Smilauer

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