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Re: Application for approval of the Debian Med Sprint 2017


On 16/12/2016 13:02, Michael Crusoe wrote:
> The DebianMed team is planning to hold a Sprint meeting in Bucharest, Romania
> from January 12th to January 16th, 2017..
> This is the 7th sprint event of the team. More info will come on the wiki page:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2017/DebianMed2017
> The goals of this sprint is to progress on medical/bioinformatics packaging and
> discuss biology/bioinformatics problems to tackle in Debian to attract new users
> to our distribution. We will also continue our work strengthening the links
> between Debian and the research software world by incorporating emerging
> software identifiers into package metadata.
> Co-sponsors include the Faculty of Biology at the University of Bucharest, and
> the Common Workflow Language project.
> We would would be very happy if Debian could financially sponsor this sprint
> with 500 EUR for the space, and 300 EUR for travel and accommodations for a
> student from Kiev, Ukraine. Additionally at least four Debian Developers will be
> attending, so we also request sponsorship of their costs at 400 EUR each. The
> DDs will share rooms and pay for their food to keep costs down. All in all we
> are looking at 2400 EUR.

Approved budget of EUR 2400.

Thanks for organizing this sprint!



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