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Application for approval of the Debian Med Sprint 2017

The DebianMed team is planning to hold a Sprint meeting in Bucharest, Romania from January 12th to January 16th, 2017..

This is the 7th sprint event of the team. More info will come on the wiki page: https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2017/DebianMed2017

The goals of this sprint is to progress on medical/bioinformatics packaging and discuss biology/bioinformatics problems to tackle in Debian to attract new users to our distribution. We will also continue our work strengthening the links between Debian and the research software world by incorporating emerging software identifiers into package metadata.

Co-sponsors include the Faculty of Biology at the University of Bucharest, and the Common Workflow Language project.

We would would be very happy if Debian could financially sponsor this sprint with 500 EUR for the space, and 300 EUR for travel and accommodations for a student from Kiev, Ukraine. Additionally at least four Debian Developers will be attending, so we also request sponsorship of their costs at 400 EUR each. The DDs will share rooms and pay for their food to keep costs down. All in all we are looking at 2400 EUR.

Hoping for a positive acceptance from the Debian Project Leader, this list, and our community at large.

Thanks in advance,

Michael R. Crusoe
Community Engineer & Co-founder
Common Workflow Language project
+40 720 781 765
+1 480 627 9108

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