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Report of release/DSA sprint to separate release.debian.org from ftp-master


last week-end, members of the release and DSA teams met in Lloret de Mar
to work on separating release.debian.org from ftp-master.debian.org.
Members of ftpmaster weren't able to attend, but helped remotely.

The goals are both to avoid bogging down ftp-master with jobs that can
run elsewhere, and to minimize the number of people with shell accounts
on the core archive server.

Among the things done during the sprint:
- a new VM, respighi.debian.org, is to host most release.d.o
  jobs, including britney, the testing migration script
- the scripts used to update the testing, testing-debug,
  testing-proposed-updates and (old)stable-updates suites have been
  modified so they work remotely.
- in order to be able to run the scripts used by SRM to prepare
  (old)stable point releases on the new VM and generate the status page
  (https://release.debian.org/proposed-updates/stable.html), an ssh
  trigger was added to accept/reject packages from the (o)pu-new policy
  queues and the buildd archive was made available from
  mirror.ftp-master.debian.org, which let us test those scripts on the
  new setup
- we prepared the migration of the release team's web site
  (https://release.debian.org/) to static.debian.org for increased
  availability and security

The move of the release.debian.org services to the new setup will happen
as soon as possible after the 8.5 and 7.11 point releases, to avoid
disrupting them.

We would like to thank Ana Guerrero Lopez and Martín Ferrari for the
organizing the SunCamp, and the Debian project for travel and
accomodation sponsorship.


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