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Re: Security team sprint, 16-18 Jan 2015


On 16/10/14 at 22:37 +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> All,
> The security team would like to have a sprint annex face-to-face meeting in 
> the weekend of 16-18 January 2015. The preferred location is Linux Hotel, 
> Essen.
> We've been in contact with the LH and we have an option for that weekend.
> There's no set agenda at this point, but there's a track record of previous 
> meetings which have covered a wide array of issues and have been in my opinion 
> very succesful. Such things as team workflows, hardened build flags, LTS and 
> decisions on specific problematic packages have come to fruition on these 
> meetings in the past. https://wiki.debian.org/DebianSecurity/Meetings
> Not everyone can confirm their attendance at this point. I've decided to 
> calculate with an upper bound of 10 people based on the estimates I've 
> received and the charge of 60 euro per person per weekend for the venue. This 
> amounts to 2500 euros as the maximum budget that I'm requesting at this point. 
> LH is very flexible and we only have to pay them for people actually 
> attending.
> FYI. these are the individual estimates I received. Not everyone of this list 
> is sure they can attend.
> Guiseppe     300
> Yves-Alexis  150
> Moritz       90
> Thijs        100
> Salvatore    250?
> Florian      130
> Luciano      175
> Raphael      210
> Nico and Stefan will probably not be attending. We've not heard yet from 
> Michael, he's the only team member from the new world; when he wants to attend 
> we'll need to explicitly request extra budget at that point.

Consider a global budget of 2500€ for that sprint approved.

> While I'm at it, I would also like to propose that Linux Hotel is added as a 
> 'friendly sprint venue' to the wiki.

Indeed. Could you take care of that? I've never took part in a sprint
held there, so I don't known much about "services" offered there.

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