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Security team sprint, 16-18 Jan 2015


The security team would like to have a sprint annex face-to-face meeting in 
the weekend of 16-18 January 2015. The preferred location is Linux Hotel, 

We've been in contact with the LH and we have an option for that weekend.

There's no set agenda at this point, but there's a track record of previous 
meetings which have covered a wide array of issues and have been in my opinion 
very succesful. Such things as team workflows, hardened build flags, LTS and 
decisions on specific problematic packages have come to fruition on these 
meetings in the past. https://wiki.debian.org/DebianSecurity/Meetings

Not everyone can confirm their attendance at this point. I've decided to 
calculate with an upper bound of 10 people based on the estimates I've 
received and the charge of 60 euro per person per weekend for the venue. This 
amounts to 2500 euros as the maximum budget that I'm requesting at this point. 
LH is very flexible and we only have to pay them for people actually 

FYI. these are the individual estimates I received. Not everyone of this list 
is sure they can attend.

Guiseppe     300
Yves-Alexis  150
Moritz       90
Thijs        100
Salvatore    250?
Florian      130
Luciano      175
Raphael      210

Nico and Stefan will probably not be attending. We've not heard yet from 
Michael, he's the only team member from the new world; when he wants to attend 
we'll need to explicitly request extra budget at that point.

While I'm at it, I would also like to propose that Linux Hotel is added as a 
'friendly sprint venue' to the wiki.


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