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Re: systemd / GNOME sprint

Hi Michael,

On 16/04/14 at 23:38 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> first of all, congratulations to your re-election. I'm grateful to see
> you serve another year as DPL!
> You might remember that I approached you informally about about a joint
> systemd / GNOME sprint two weeks ago, which you welcomed heartily.
> With systemd now being the declared default init systemd on Linux for
> jessie and GNOME being one of largest consumers of the APIs provided by
> systemd, we figured that it might be a good idea to gather core people
> of the Debian GNOME team, the Debian systemd/udev team and people from
> Ubuntu involved in systemd/logind to work on migration, integration and
> documentation (packaging, policy) issues during a focused sprint.
> We decided to host the sprint in Antwerpen (BE), where Laurent
> Bigonville's employer will kindly provide the venue for us, on the
> weekend from 26.4. - 27.4.
> We are ten people as of now, with 5 of us requiring sponsorship.
> The total amount being around 2000 EUR for travel and accommodation.
> The wiki at [0] has more detailed information.
> As the date is already pretty close, it would be great to have an
> official acknowledgment asap if Debian is willing/able to cover for
> those expenses.
> In that case could you also please provide more details about the
> procedure regarding reimbursement (who to contact, which receipts are
> needed etc).
> Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for organizing this!

Planned budget approved, for around 2000 €. Regarding reimbursement, we
will deal with that after the sprint (and after a report has been
published :-) ). It's very likely that reimbursements will be made with
FFIS, as it seems that you are all from Europe. Receipts will be needed,
as usual.


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