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Re: Application for approval of the Debian Med Sprint 2014


(Sorry, missed that mail, thanks for pinging)

On 12/09/13 at 20:01 +0200, "Steffen Möller" wrote:
> Dear Sprints team,
> The Debian Med community in collaboration with the Bio-Linux community
> has fixed the time and location for their next gathering, which would
> very much like to officially name "Debian Med Sprint" again:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMed/Meeting/Aberdeen2014
> We meet for a 4th time, always during the Winter months at the then
> tourist-deprived seaside in vicinity to a Computational-Biology-savvy
> University for a weekend in a family-run hotel. No distractions. Not
> much to the surprise of attending Debian folks but sometimes a bit
> more so for the others, it is always a very intense gathering, with a
> considerable outreach into the biological research community. In the
> last three years we have attracted at least two additional DDs
> (Olivier Sallou and Laszlo Kajan) and a series of DMs with an outreach
> much into Debian main. Interacting strongly with the international
> Bioinformatics Open Source community, we have just got a paper
> accepted for the NETTAB conference that describes the Codefests,
> Hackathons and Sprints, fast-tracked to the BMC Bioinformatics Open
> Access journal.
> Admittedly, we are taking the concept of a Sprint a bit to the
> extreme, having been always more than 20 people from all over Europe
> at the event. We this time hope for the sponsoring of five DDs, with
> an estimated costs for travel of 400 Euros each. The DDs will share
> rooms and pay for their food to keep costs down, asking nonetheless
> for the support of a max 2000 Euros. The participants list shows three
> DDs. A fourth regularly attending DD is moving homes and countries ATM
> and could not yet be reached. Should he not be able to attend, then we
> would hope to reach out to a member of Debichem/Debian-Science to join
> plus a representative of pkg-java to help the networking within
> Debian.
> Hoping for a positive acceptane from the DPL, this list and our
> community at large

Your plans sound reasonable, so I'm fine with allocating a total of 400
EUR (on average) per DD, for a maximum number of 5 DDs. (So it means
a total of 2000 EUR if 5 DDs attend, 1600 if 4 DDs attend, etc.)


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