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Application for approval of the Debian Med Sprint 2014

Dear Sprints team,

The Debian Med community in collaboration with the Bio-Linux community has fixed the time and location for their next gathering, which would very much like to officially name "Debian Med Sprint" again: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMed/Meeting/Aberdeen2014

We meet for a 4th time, always during the Winter months at the then tourist-deprived seaside in vicinity to a Computational-Biology-savvy University for a weekend in a family-run hotel. No distractions. Not much to the surprise of attending Debian folks but sometimes a bit more so for the others, it is always a very intense gathering, with a considerable outreach into the biological research community. In the last three years we have attracted at least two additional DDs (Olivier Sallou and Laszlo Kajan) and a series of DMs with an outreach much into Debian main. Interacting strongly with the international Bioinformatics Open Source community, we have just got a paper accepted for the NETTAB conference that describes the Codefests, Hackathons and Sprints, fast-tracked to the BMC Bioinformatics Open Access journal.

Admittedly, we are taking the concept of a Sprint a bit to the extreme, having been always more than 20 people from all over Europe at the event. We this time hope for the sponsoring of five DDs, with an estimated costs for travel of 400 Euros each. The DDs will share rooms and pay for their food to keep costs down, asking nonetheless for the support of a max 2000 Euros. The participants list shows three DDs. A fourth regularly attending DD is moving homes and countries ATM and could not yet be reached. Should he not be able to attend, then we would hope to reach out to a member of Debichem/Debian-Science to join plus a representative of pkg-java to help the networking within Debian.

Hoping for a positive acceptane from the DPL, this list and our community at large


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