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Re: Bug#610490: grub-ieee1275: runs out of memory on UltraSPARC 10


On 4/25/20 08:33, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Could you please retest with the latest ISO image for sparc64 [1] and
> check whether this issue has been resolved for you now?
> We have fixed a lot of issues around GRUB on sparc64, both upstream and
> in Debian and I'm confident that GRUB should work now out of the box
> even on your UltraSPARC 10.
> FWIW, there are currently some issues with 5.x on older UltraSPARC machines
> but these should not affect this bug report.
> If GRUB works for you on sparc64 after testing the image, please consider
> closing this bug report.

I'm closing this now since GRUB has been known to work on most UltraSPARC
machines without any problems. There are some issues with machines where
the OpenFirmware version is too old but this isn't something that can be
fixed in GRUB itself.


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