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Re: Regression in 028abd92 for Sun UltraSPARC T1

On 24.03.21 09:28, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 11:17:41PM +0100, Frank Scheiner wrote:

...is broken on my T1000.

As I don't know how big attachments can be on this list, I put the logs
on pastebin.

A log for 028abd9222df is here:


Just do confirm:  in this tree line 304 in mm/slub.c is this BUG_ON:

	BUG_ON(object == fp); /* naive detection of double free or corruption */

which would mean we have a double free.  In that case it would be
interesting which call to kfree this is, which could be done by
calling gdb on vmlinux and then typing;

l *(sys_mount+0x114/0x1e0)

Not that a double free caused by this conversion makes any sense to me..

Finally - a T1 thread is so slow (for untaring) that I untared the
tarball from my X4270 cross-compile host to the T1000's root FS in the end:

root@t1000:~/mnt/torvalds-linux# git describe
root@t1000:~/mnt/torvalds-linux# gdb -q vmlinux
Reading symbols from vmlinux...
(gdb) l *(sys_mount+0x114/0x1e0)
0x6c6380 is in __se_sys_mount (fs/namespace.c:3390).
3385		/* ... and return the root of (sub)tree on it */
3386		return path.dentry;
3387	}
3388	EXPORT_SYMBOL(mount_subtree);
3390	SYSCALL_DEFINE5(mount, char __user *, dev_name, char __user *,
3391			char __user *, type, unsigned long, flags, void __user *, data)
3392	{
3393		int ret;
3394		char *kernel_type;

...not sure if that adds anything to what Anatoly already provided apart
from the "correct" line numbers for the actually used kernel.


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