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Re: Firefox trouble


On 7/10/20 11:11 PM, Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> i'm really having trouble to get a recent enough firefox running on
> debian sparc.
> I couldn't get firefox to run with the missing libraries taken from
> snapshots manually.

That's not enough information to help you debug the problem. I always need
an error message. Normally, a Firefox that managed to build should mostly
work fine as the Javascript engine is run during build to transpile some
Javascript code.

> Is there any specific snapshot date that is containing working dependencies?
If Firefox is installable with the dependencies you pulled without forcing
dpkg to override dependencies, it should work. If it doesn't, please run
Firefox from the command line and provide me with the error message.

> Also i could not find the sparc64-specific source patches to firefox anywhere.
> They are not included in the official patch set.

There shouldn't be any. I upstreamed all patches.


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