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Re: Installed kernel crash on T5120

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 11:52:19PM +0200, Romain Dolbeau wrote:
> fdisk, force of habits...

lol.  Never would've guessed that was an option.  Well, that looks more like

Device      Start       End   Sectors   Size Id Type         Flags
/dev/sda1       0    979964    979965 478.5M  1 Boot              
/dev/sda2  979965 286728119 285748155 136.3G 83 Linux native      
/dev/sda3       0 286728119 286728120 136.7G  5 Whole disk        

I find it interesting that fdisk shows sda3, but parted does not.  Odd.  The
device does exist in /dev, though, so I guess I believe fdisk.

> I used fdisk and originally set the partition *ID* to unassigned as fdisk
> didn't suggest ZFS. ZFS doesn't seem to care.
> Parted shows a filesystem, not an id (I think).
> fdisk shows the id, not the filesystem.

Right.  As above, mine seems to be id 83.  *shrug*

> Oups sorry red herring - out of habits I always anonymize such files.
> In my installation, the UUID are real values, and I sed'ed them to all-9.

Ahh, great.  That makes sense, thanks for the explanation.

> As for grub - except for the fact my /boot is much smaller (I matched
> the size of the ext4 auto-created partition to the sector), I can't help.
> My first attempt failed - not valid. After trying again, it started working
> and I just had to fix the various issues in configuration and versions
> mentioned in a previous mail. I don't think I did anything special beyond
> slightly fixing the grub.cfg by adding the pool name...

Thanks.  So, I adjusted the UUID I had in my search lines of the menuentry
for booting with ZFS root, as it seemed to be pointing to sdb1 instead of sda1.
But, that just gives me a different problem I think I've also seen before:

error: unable to open
error: unable to open
ERROR: /pci@0: Last Trap: Fast Data Access MMU Miss

{0} ok 

I think I may just throw away what I have now and restart.  I can't immagine
I'll be any worse off, and it might be better starting with a newer base
image than I started with many months ago.  Unfortunately grub is much more
complicated than boot-loaders I've used in the past.  If someone builds a new
sparc64 ISO that I can be sure has the newer grub bits in the installer, I'll
just reload my "normal" image, then try to rebuild the ZFS disks again.

          - Chris

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