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Re: mdadm /boot mirror and sun disklabel corruption

07.09.2017 11:30, Tom Turelinckx пишет:
Hi, Tom
For example I make partitions on two disks like the following:
1. 500MB for /boot - boot partition 2. 2GB for swap - swap 3. Whole disk - sun's whole disk 4. 31,6GB for / - rest for the root fs Then I create metadevices (mirrors) for partitions 1,2 and 4.
I'm using a similar layout for boot disks. I leave the first cylinder on the disk unused, except for partition 3 (whole disk); I limit partition 1 (boot partition) so the end of the partition falls within 512MB from the start of the disk; I use v0.90 metadata for md1 (/boot), and format it as ext2.
You can try to use v1.2 metadata for /boot. It won't overwrite sun disk label.
I'm format /boot fs like ext3. Unfortunately SILO doesn't support ext4.
Not all of those may be necessary anymore, but I've been doing it like that since squeeze and up to the current sid on dozens of machines, and it works reliably: when the first disk fails, I am able to boot from the second disk. Tom

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