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Re: qlogic fibrechannel


Yes, I think so. Here is what I posted in March:

"""Now it is telling me that I need some non-free firmware, filename ql2200_fw.bin, and that I should load it from removable media. Does this firmware matter, and where can I get it? There is something by that name on the qlogic.com site. I guess it could be for the FibreChannel interface. OK, ignoring it for now.

After doing 'set up users and passwords' correctly it goes on to 'Configure the clock'. It returns from that immediately without doing anything. I was hoping to set the timezone.

Now it is doing 'Detecting disks'. Gee, it took a long time on that, maybe a few minutes. Then it says 'No disk drive was detected' and gives me a list of drivers to select from. I am guessing now: qla2xxx ... long pause, then I am back to the list of drivers screen. Try 'qla1280' ... 'qla4xxx' .. help! I think the disk hardware is OK because OpenBSD is installed and can boot. What can I use for a disk driver? How could I load the ql2200_fw.bin?


I found ql220_fw.bin in a non-free package, and got a bit further, but did not get it booted after much trying. I am inclined to connect any surplus disk just to get it installed temporarily, then debug the driver problem. Maybe it is an endian problem, I understand drivers on older Unix systems but not on Debian.

Thanks -- Rick

On 2017-09-07 10:15 AM, Kevin Stabel wrote:
Hi Rick,

Is it qla2200?

Kind Regards,


On Sep 7, 2017 2:18 PM, "Rick Leir" <rleir@leirtech.com> wrote:
Hi all
I am still hoping to get my Sun 2000 (vintage 2002) running with Debian. The problem was the Qlogic fibrechannel disk driver, so perhaps I can add in a different disk controller temporarily. What economical solution would you recommend? Perhaps a USB disk?

By the way, OpenBSD installs fine. I might be able to compare drivers and fix this bug, but the problem would be much easier to debug with Debian booting from a SCSI or SATA disk.

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