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Re: Bad news

There seems to be SPARC in Intel processors acording to the Register:
"AMT is software that runs on Intel's Management Engine (ME), a technology that has been embedded in its chipsets in one way or another for over a decade, since around the time the Core 2 landed in 2006. It operates at what's called ring -2, below the operating system kernel, and below any hypervisor on the box. It is basically a second computer within your computer, and it has full access to the network, peripherals, memory, storage and processors. Amusingly, early engines were powered by an ARC CPU core, which has a 16- and 32-bit hybrid architecture, and is a close relative to the Super FX chip used in Super Nintendo games such as Star Fox. Yes, the custom chip doing the 3D math in Star Fox and Stunt Race FX is an ancestor of the ARC microprocessor secretly and silently controlling your Intel x86 tin. These days, the Management Engine uses a SPARC core."

How big is motherboard flash?, I suspect it is way too small for us to use. -- Rick

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