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Re: Trying out debian sparc64

> > Comparing filesystem features - the news fs has 64bit and metadata_csum 
> > features that my working ext4 filesystems do not have. Will make more 
> > test to see if these are related.

Recreated the filesystem manually with -O ^64bit,^metadata_csum, 
installed on it and silo works. So it seems one of these new options needs 
bootloader support too - at least in silo, have not tried grub yet.

Unrelated - git seems to be not installable at the moment because of 
version conflict with git-man?

sparc-utils seems to be missing from sparc64 - no eeprom and prtconf 
programs? Sending prtconf output was my first task after getting system 
installed, since there is no t5140 in the prtconfs repo.

Meelis Roos (mroos@linux.ee)

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