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Re: Trying out debian sparc64

> I agree that this is a problem, there is actually a technical reason
> for that which is the fact that the bootloader (or was it the
> firmware?) is choking on the size of the installer image.
> I did create some images for testing:
> > https://people.debian.org/~glaubitz/netboot/

Will try, thanks!

> This is the new standard debian-installer which uses GNU screen when
> installing over a serial terminal. I was sure there were hints on how
> to switch between the terminals. It's an improvement over the previous
> design as you couldn't switch terminals over a serial connection at
> all.

Yes, screen keybindings do work, this is useful.

> > * Installer still tells ext4 is unsupported for silo, that should not be 
> >   a problem for years now?

Actually, I may have hit a problem with silo - silos is not fining any 
files, no /etc/silo.conf, no /boon/vmlinuz or any other file.

Comparing filesystem features - the news fs has 64bit and metadata_csum 
features that my working ext4 filesystems do not have. Will make more 
test to see if these are related.

> SILO is being phased out and replaced with GRUB anyway. The reason why
> we're still defaulting to SILO and not GRUB is because not all patches
> by Eric Snowberg have been merged upstream yet and are hence part of
> the package.
> See: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=854568

Should it work on any sparc64?

> > * Installer asks for mirror and there is no good information on the 
> > wiki. I derived host = deb.debian.org and directory = /debian-ports and 
> > it started downloading so seems correct.
> This is an issue with choose-mirror from debian-installer which does
> not officially support Debian Ports at the moment.

I added the key manually with apt-key add - and got past that step.

> > So it seems the installer does not have relevant PGP key for this repo.
> > 
> > Am I using wrong repo? Should I add some PGP key manually? Or is the 
> > March installer out of date with respect to current PGP keys after 
> > stretch was released?
> This was an issue in debian-cd and has been fixed:
> > https://.debian.org/plugins/scmgit/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=debian-cd/debian-cd.git;a=commit;h=b6c7df147ab61ae42d97610b78e8480cb8b81e00

No actual hostname int he URL?

Meelis Roos (mroos@linux.ee)

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