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Re: Resurrecting Debian on SPARC

On 11/13/2015 05:17 PM, Artyom Tarasenko wrote:
>> V8 supports more software (e.g., JavaScript JIT is not supported on
>> V9) and more older hardware.
> I think JavaScript JIT is supported for v8plus which actually requires a V9 CPU,
> (it's a 64bit ABI with 32bit pointers, so v8/v8plus/v9 counterparts in the
> x86 world are i686/x32/x86_64).

Sorry, I confused V8 and V8plus, I actually was talking about the
latter. We have currently several packages like webkitgtk or
openjdk-7 which don't build on sparc64 while they built fine on

I will follow up with a list of packages that needs porting later if
anyone wants to jump in and help. I can't take care of all packages
myself, even when it just comes to reporting bugs upstream.


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