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Re: Infiniband and OFED on Debian sparc64

Thanks John, I will double check if “lspci” and “dmesg” show my infiniband

>From my understanding OFED includes the following:
“kernel-level drivers, channel-oriented RDMA and send/receive operations,
kernel bypasses of the operating system, both kernel and user-level
application programming interface (API) and services for parallel message
passing (MPI), sockets data exchange (e.g., RDS, SDP), NAS and SAN storage
(e.g. iSER, NFS-RDMA, SRP) and file system/database systems.”

Without OFED infiniband cards can not transfer data across the wire.  Not
sure if this is the best place to ask about OFED or if I should contact
the OFED mailing list.  The problem is OFED only appears to be
compiled/supported on x86.  I have never seen OFED on sparc debian and the
source never compiles when I attempt to do. The OFED mailing list might
point me back to the sparc mailing list since OFED is only supported on




On 11/13/15, 1:36 AM, "John Paul Adrian Glaubitz"
<glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:

>On 11/13/2015 09:58 AM, Tony Rodriguez wrote:
>>>From my understanding some individuals are working on updating/fixing
>> Debian sparc64.  Can we also please add Infiniband and OFED for Debian
>> Sparc64?  Sun Infiniband cards don¹t appear to  be supported on Debian
>> Sparc 64 with OFED.
>I have no idea what QFED is so you have to be a bit more elaborative.
>I assume that Infiniband support should be the same or similar as on
>x86_64 provided that the kernel you are using is recent enough but
>frankly, I have never used Infiniband on anything else but x86_64.
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