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Re: schroeder and lebrun EOL - decomission

On 10/14/2015 11:20 AM, Josip Rodin wrote:
> I didn't claim that, I just said the shipping cost range can be unreasonable.
> In fact, I would say even 40-50 EUR is entirely unreasonable for a machine that
> *maybe* costs that much now, and which is so battered that it will probably
> cost 0 EUR by the time it's rebooted once again - when it finally fails due
> to any one of its many ailments.

Meh, it's still not that easy to get such hardware on eBay for that
price, at least not in Europe. I would also still consider 50 Euros
not to much for shipping.

> You don't need the specific hardware, the only thing of value on it is the
> software, and you can have DSA rsync everything from the old machines, which
> also costs 0 EUR if we ignore man-hours :)

Yeah, sure. But anyway, we will probably not need schroeder and lebrun
anyway. However, if there are any useful hardware components in them
that are hard to get by, it would still be great to keep them.

In any case, we have several people who have offered hosted SPARC
machines for Debian SPARC now as well as a team at Oracle which
is still actively supporting Linux on SPARC. Thus, I already
sent a request to the Debian FTP and buildd teams as well as
Aurelien Jarno to get 'sparc' added to Debian Ports.


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