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Re: Do 8042/kb_ps2 keyboard devices work under wheezy kernels?

Hello Mark,

On Sat, Oct 03, 2015 at 10:32:38AM +0000, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> For the sake of anybody who does happen to have time, where are you getting
> your .iso image and what if any mirror are you selecting during
> installation?

if you can consider netbooting, maybe
may help to get a working wheezy installation - that was my last
installation (when I still hoped debian will fix the arch).

> I had no end of problems about 18 months ago trying to find a SPARC/Linux
> later than Lenny which was even half-way reliable, and that was a large part
> of our eventual decision to abandon the architecture.

What Hardware are you running ? The wheezy kernel seems not to be
so bad on my Enterprise/Fire class systems.


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