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Re: t5140 hardware monitoring from the os + raid + sparc64

Harka Gyozo SA wrote:

I'm new to this list, I have debian on fire V240, blade100, t2000, and now on
a t5140.

So on the t5140 the debian runs well, there was no problem with the install.

The sc's snmp, and so on is really impressive, but I wanted to get
temperatures, ventillators state, etc. from the os. Is there any support for it?
Or should I use snmp to get the values from the sc? (management is on
different vlan now, so I would avoid connections to there if there is another
lm-sensors dmi scanning stopped the whole server :(

For the raid as I can see there is only solaris utils, etc. have I right that
it's a fakeraid? So I don't have to try hard to use that, and in this case the
sw raid is my friend?

I make no claim to be an expert here, but my understanding is that there is no general Linux support for temperature etc. monitoring and that Sun/Oracle have always held this sort of thing fairly close to their chest.

I did hack together a partial solution which relied on the OpenBoot (i.e. Forth) lom@ and lom! commands, however since (a) these are only supported on a very small number of systems (b) using these will temporarily monopolise the kernel (c) there's no reentrancy protection and (d) the code makes absolutely no attempt to test compatibility or recover from errors I really don't suggest that you try doing things this way.

That sparc64 platform is pretty unclear for me, can I benefit anything from it?

My understanding is that it's work-in-progress and too immature for serious use.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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