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t5140 hardware monitoring from the os + raid + sparc64


I'm new to this list, I have debian on fire V240, blade100, t2000, and now on
a t5140.

So on the t5140 the debian runs well, there was no problem with the install.

The sc's snmp, and so on is really impressive, but I wanted to get
temperatures, ventillators state, etc. from the os. Is there any support for it?
Or should I use snmp to get the values from the sc? (management is on
different vlan now, so I would avoid connections to there if there is another
lm-sensors dmi scanning stopped the whole server :(

For the raid as I can see there is only solaris utils, etc. have I right that
it's a fakeraid? So I don't have to try hard to use that, and in this case the
sw raid is my friend?

That sparc64 platform is pretty unclear for me, can I benefit anything from it?


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