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Re: binutils gold linker

As you see in the sequence there are two  configure && make calls

   mkdir binutils-build && cd binutils-build
   ../binutils-gdb/configure && make -j8

#  ^^^^^^^^^ this ones builds bfd and some other stuff

  mkdir gold && cd gold
  ../../binutils-gdb/gold/configure && make check-TESTS

# ^^^^^^^^ and this one  builds gold and runs the tests.

But as Frans wrote, the tests are passing. We have to construct a more
complex test case.
I tried building helloworld.c with bfd and gold, and they both work.

So the bug must be really not that obvious as I hoped.

I must have been blind, I didn't notice the first one failed on a dependency on flex.

After that, it is as you say.

PASS: bootstrap-test
PASS: bootstrap-test-r
PASS: bootstrap-test-treehash-chunksize


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