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Re: Debian/SPARC[64]

Hi Mark,

so no, I've attempt to reinstall debian 7.8 on bigger qcow2 image and while doing this I've also changed drive from -hda to -drive file=debian.img,if=virt and with this I've not been able to install since it locks up during "Select and install software" at 61% "Configuring python-support".

So I'll try few more times and if this does not work, then I'll switch to -hda again.


On 01/27/15 11:44 PM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
On 27/01/15 06:22, Karel Gardas wrote:

Hi Mark,

I've kept running qemu-sparc64 with debian 7.7 and was compiling new GHC
compiler there. It now failed on not enough space on a drive so at least
I'm reporting that even after 300 hours of hard work, the thing is still
Now I'll have a look if I'm somehow able to grow the qemu drive and then
grow debian fs as I would like to avoid reinstall... If any lockups
happen here, I'll let you know.


Hi Karel,

Thanks for the update - good to hear a report that it's working well for
you. Fingers crossed it makes it all the way to the end...

If your image is a qcow2 then it should be simple to use qemu-img to
expand the image, then boot into a suitable rescue CD in order to resize
the filesystem.



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