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Re: Problem implementing USB on Ultra 5/10

On 07/23/2014 12:26 AM, BERTRAND Joël wrote:
Fred a écrit :
On 07/22/2014 08:20 AM, Patrick Baggett wrote:

On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 9:55 AM, BERTRAND Joël
<joel.bertrand@systella.fr <mailto:joel.bertrand@systella.fr>> wrote:

    Fred a écrit :


A recent post mentioned having USB on a U10. I bought a StarTech
        PCIUSB7 card because it is said to be Linux compatible.  With
        the PCI
        USB card installed the U5 flashes the keyboard leds twice and
        nothing else.  Stop-a doesn't do anything.  It has debian 7.5.0
        installed from the netinstall.iso.  Do USB drivers have to be


            I've never used an USB keyboard on U5 workstation. On
    Blade2k, I have installed a USB2 adapter without any trouble.

            But :
    - keyboard has to be plugged on an openprom compatible USB card ;
    - OpenPROM has to support USB keybord (and I'm not sure that
    OpenPROM 3.xx supports this kind of keyboard...) ;
    - your adapter has to be compatible with your PCI bus (2.2 or 2.3
    for Blade 2k, maybe only 2.1 or 2.2 for your U5) ;
    - you have to install a linux supported USB adapter.

            Your keyboard led flashes without any USB communication
    between U5 and keyboard. It only indicates it is powered and ready
    even there is no possible communication.

Oh dear, I didn't mean use a USB keyboard on a Sun U10 -- I just used
simple things like flash drives. I would severely doubt that a U10
would "just work" for the reasons mentioned above.

            Best regards,


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The U5 does boot normally without the USB card.  I want to use USB for a
flash drive.  The keyboard is a standard Sun type and is plugged into
the normal keyboard connector.


The StarTech instructions say only PCI compatible (3.3/5V) and that the
card is Linux compatible.  I will try the card in a PC.  I am sure the
card is installed correctly.  I tried it before with a previous version
of Debian with the same result.  I have a SCSI card that came from a Sun
server that maybe can be used to test the PCI bus.

You have to check that the PCI revision of your USB adapter matches one of the PCI revisions supported by your U5. I have checked, U5 only supports PCI 2.1. Your USB adapter is PCI 2.2 only (http://fr.startech.com/Cartes-Additionelles-et-Peripheriques/Hubs-USB-2.0/Cartes-USB-2.0/Carte-adaptateur-7-ports-PCI-USB~PCIUSB7).

    It won't work in any case. You have to buy a PCI 2.1 adapter.



The problem is more likely that the StarTech card supports booting from a USB device which means it has a bootloader program on it. The program would be written for the ugly dog x86 and will not execute on a Sparc processor. I have sent a support request to StarTech and also to DeLock support on their 89197 card.
Best regards,

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