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Re: Problem implementing USB on Ultra 5/10

Fred a écrit :

A recent post mentioned having USB on a U10.  I bought a StarTech
PCIUSB7 card because it is said to be Linux compatible.  With the PCI
USB card installed the U5 flashes the keyboard leds twice and does
nothing else.  Stop-a doesn't do anything.  It has debian 7.5.0
installed from the netinstall.iso.  Do USB drivers have to be manually


I've never used an USB keyboard on U5 workstation. On Blade2k, I have installed a USB2 adapter without any trouble.

	But :
- keyboard has to be plugged on an openprom compatible USB card ;
- OpenPROM has to support USB keybord (and I'm not sure that OpenPROM 3.xx supports this kind of keyboard...) ; - your adapter has to be compatible with your PCI bus (2.2 or 2.3 for Blade 2k, maybe only 2.1 or 2.2 for your U5) ;
- you have to install a linux supported USB adapter.

Your keyboard led flashes without any USB communication between U5 and keyboard. It only indicates it is powered and ready even there is no possible communication.

	Best regards,


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