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MySQL on T2000


I have been gifted a Sun T2000 from my employer as a hand-me-down
piece of hardware.  I have had plenty of experience using it as a
Solaris 10 box, and we generally ran Oracle and our in-house products
on the hardware with good results.

After getting the hardware, without a Sun contract I went with Debian,
which was fine as my expertise/background is more heavily Linux than
Solaris anyways.

After a lot of tinkering I got the system as I liked it, prepared to
host several LXC containers, separated as database and web servers for
a project for my friend's gaming website.  All went well, until I
started working with MySQL.  I started noticing significant
differences in performance, and, I went down the rabbit hole to find
plenty of articles talking about how MySQL doesn't run well on The
T2000's due to single threadedness sort of reasons.

I've done a good amount of fine tuning of the database, but I'm
finding any query of complexity taking sometimes as much as 30x longer
to execute than on same-era x86 hardware running Debian.

I am really just trying to figure out if I'm wasting my time by trying
to 'fix' this, or if its a reality of the hardware platform.  Even
simple 'select BENCHMARK' queries are returning back after 25-30
seconds, whereas on the x86 box it comes back in 1-2 seconds.

Is MySQL on this hardware platform a lost cause, or am I missing
something obvious?

Thanks in advance!



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