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Re: qemu FTBFS on sparc: conflicting types of tcflag_t?

05.06.2013 18:30, Patrick Baggett wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> If the problem is definitively a system header problem, can you create a mostly-empty *.c file that has the two includes to demonstrate the problem? I can try to reproduce it on my machine at home. Also, if you have the time, can you check the headers themselves for #ifdefs or something (not sure how proficient you are with C and C preprocessor) that might guard double inclusion? Check if other architectures use similar definitions?

That's all fine, except of one issue: I don't have access
to the machine(s) where this error triggers -- namely, to
the buildds.  I tried reproducing, on another machine which
is a porterbox, but there it is okay.  So the only way I can
do that detective work is to add some fake stuff to one of
my packages in order to trigger rebuilding something on a
sparc buildd... upload, look at the results, upload again,
each time waiting in the build queue, and each time forcing
all other build boxes for all other arches to rebuild
trash.  This is not a good usage of build boxes.

Instead, I worked around this problem in my package, by
avoiding #include'ing the two conflicting headers.  Because
it takes just insane amount of time already to wait for
any answer, so I don't have any left.



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