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Re: sparc / Problems with 3.2-kernel

On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 11:38 PM, BERTRAND Joël
<joel.bertrand@systella.fr> wrote:
> Andreas Barth a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> today I tried to resurrect our buildd on schroeder (which is from
>> architecture sparc). While trying to do so, I had a couple of strange
>> behaviours like vi freezing after 20-30 seconds, or I couldn't about
>> tail with ctrl+c or suspend with ctrl+z.  This didn't change after a
>> reboot. Machine was running our official 3.2-kernel.

Was the machine available via the network at the time of freeze?

>> After Martin rebooted the machine into oldstables 2.6.32 kernel,
>> things are working as they should, and the buildd is up again.
>> Question: Is this a known issue? How can we get a fix for that?  (I
>> would assume DSA will consider it a non-option to not be able to
>> upgrade to our default kernels.)
>         I have seen same freezes on Blade 2000 (2 * US III+/900 Cu), on U5
> (US IIi/440), but not on a server that run with four US IIIi and not on a
> T1000 (sun4v/US T1). I have tested 3.2 debian kernels and official ones and
> both hang. I suppose there is another strange bug with special MMU. 2.6.32
> is stable but on sparc64, 3.2 is not. I have not tested newer kernels.

Bertrand, Andreas,

can you please enable the magic SysRq key and try to see what is the
kernel busy with when it hangs?
It's also possible to do it via the serial console: send-break and
then 't' (without quotes).

Artyom Tarasenko

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