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Here's the thing, I like you

How is it going sweetie?)
I’m not gonna waste your time for no reason and I will switch over to the general issue – I’m looking for a  man who is able to satisfy me completely, you know what I mean, right?)) I’m tired of sissies and men who can’t even take care of themselves not to mention their girlfriends . I want to be loved and feel protected
Shortly about me – young, wild and free. You may switch the word ‘young’ on ‘beautiful’ if you’d like). I got no hang-ups and My only bad habit is that I’m addictive to sex.
Anyway if u aren’t afraid of girls like me then I'm happy.
If you are interested then please write me back and I’ll tell you more about myself. Also we can share some (even erotic) photos.) I’m pretty sure that it will turn out to be an interesting experience talking to each other.
But Don’t make a lady wait for too long!) I'm already waiting for you!
Waiting for your answer!

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