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Re: Oracle Sun T5120 support getting better in debian 6.0.5 ?

I'm about 99% sure that Debian has run 64-bit SPARC kernels for a while now, just that few packages are compiled for it. Unlike x86, most binaries are faster as 32-bit code unless they make use of >= 3GB RAM and/or 64-bit integer calculations. As a result, only stuff like databases, webservers, or heavy large integer usage (RSA encryption, e.g.) would really benefit much. Finding a binary that is faster when compiled as 64-bit code is an exception to the rule. However, using SPARCv9 instructions (which require a 64-bit CPU) in 32-bit binary can improve performance.

And they even did build a 64 bit kernel as well. A how-to bootstrapping
it for SPARC64 can be found in this wiki.



Frans van Berckel

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