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Re: Oracle Sun T5120 support getting better in debian 6.0.5 ?

On Fri, 2012-07-13 at 13:48 +0200, Michel Schanen wrote: 
> We received these cluster nodes at no costs and we use them
> essentially for simulation codes/testing. As the tools are all SPARC
> and not SPARC64 we had some problems using OpenMP. For instance the
> atomic statement was very slow. After compiling gcc with arch=SPARC64
> we had a considerable performance boost using OpenMP. In the end, all
> our development tools are now recompiled with arch=SPARC64.
Did you know theres a SPARC64 packages port at Debian-ports?


> Oh and don't forget to recompile your kernel with 64 CPU support.
> Otherwise you will be stuck with 32 or something.

And they even did build a 64 bit kernel as well. A how-to bootstrapping
it for SPARC64 can be found in this wiki.



Frans van Berckel 

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