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Re: http://developer.gaisler.net/debian/ sparc32 wheezy repostitory

> Just want to make public:
> I've put some effort into a sparc32 repository
> containing wheezy packages:
> http://developer.gaisler.net/debian/
> Most of the packages are cross-compiled, more
> natively compiled will follow...
> There is also a 64-bit sparc-32 cross compiler
> with many dev-packages preinstalled:
> http://developer.gaisler.net/debian/cross-compiler/sparc-linux-gnu-cross_1.0.0-1_amd64.deb
Cool thing! Did you try to build mre packages like a kernel as well? I would really love to have a Wheezy system on my Sparcstation 20

Alexander Feld <mrshadowtux@googlemail.com>

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