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Re: Default kernel build on SPARC doesn't have SMP enabled?

On Sun, 2012-03-25 at 23:05 -0400, Kieron Gillespie wrote:
> No it's not supported by OBP, you have to wait until the nouveau
> driver loads and then you get the console output. So currently I
> removed the XVR-1200 which didn't work with Xorg and only have the
> GeForce in there. Also another note, do not put the GeForce into the
> green pci slots, they are 66Mhrz bus speed and cause the graphics card
> to fail spectacularly, artifact rendering.  Xorg works perfectly, you
> even get hardware acceleration. The PCI 7200 GeForce I have also
> tested causes a kernel panic in the nouveau driver, so it's currently
> not usable. I ordered a very cheap PCI Radeon HD4350 and will be
> testing that to see what the condition of the open source radeon
> drivers are on SPARC.
> I just built the vanilla 3.2.13 kernel, and my sound now works again,
> and the IOMMU messages seem to have disappeared. The machine is really
> nice, and much quicker then the Sun Blade 100's I use to run on. All
> in all I am very pleased with this machine. I do lots of toying around
> in SPARC assembly and I enjoy writing experimental operating systems
> on the SPARC architecture. I also would like to help support Linux
> running on SPARC, and Debian which has become my favorite distro, is
> the only real option you have for an up to date OS on SPARC systems.

Are you sure it's a XVR-1200 or a XVR-1000? A XVR-1200 got to be able to
run at 66Mhz. It's based on a 3D-labs chiptset. The console is handled
by the xvr-500 or the 600 kernel driver. 3D-labs is taken over by ATI.

Glade you are almost happy now.


Frans van Berckel

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