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Re: How to debug seed FTBFS on sparc?

Found 651934 3.0.0-2

Thanks jurij for your help.
'disassemble' command may be used to look up the assembler code around the instruction which caused the crash:
Some further notes on the dissasemble command I ran into while trying to use it.

1: it seems you have to explicitly select a range unless you want a whole function 2: if you have debug symbols installed you have to use "info frame" to get the address of the program counter 3: the addresses were different on my system, i'm not sure whether this was because my system was slightly out of date at the time or because of address randomisation.
Figuring out why this happens is the tricky part :-).
mmm, the webkit (webkit is the source package for libjavascriptcore) build log has a huge number of cast alignment warnings :( worse the file in which the error occoured is generated at webkit build time and is therefore not available in the webkit source package. I don't have the resources to build webkit on sparc in a reasonable time.

Since testing an unstable have different versions of both seed and webkit. I decided the next thing to try was to build both testing's version of seed and unstable's versions of seed in both testing and unstable to try and narrow down which package caused the regression. However all four combinations failed with a bus error so it seems this regression happened before the version of webkit that is now in testing.

I'm now marking this bug as affecting the version in testing as well.

Webkit maintainers: Is any form of testsuite for libjavascriptcore run at webkit build time? I didn't spot anything on a quick look at the log but the log is massive so it's possible I missed it.

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