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problem installing squeeze 6.0.4 on SunBlade 150 -- stalls (?)

Dear Sparc-ers,

to troubleshoot FTBFS from time to time (and provide access to it to
upstream developers) I decided to reincarnate this box which was sitting
under the table for a while (got it from our sysadmin long time ago)

But upon attempt to boot from sparc netinst CD for 6.0.4 -- it just gets
stuck somewhere around "ide-cd driver 5.00" line, if I try BOOT_DEBUG=4
it falls into the busybox hsell but I guess too early so I can't even
exist since USB keyboard isn't yet active

Please find snapshots of the screen(s) at different stages of the boot


if I get into openboot via pressing power twice upon beep -- I get only
secondary display on,  if via stop-a -- both seems to be present:


how could I troubleshoot what prevents it from booting normally into the

Thank you in advance
Keep in touch                                     www.onerussian.com
Yaroslav Halchenko                 www.ohloh.net/accounts/yarikoptic

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