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Ultra-Sparc IIi, debian 6.0.3 - cant get picture from webcam logitech c170

Hi, debian-sparc. Im trying to connect logitech c170 to server. It 
successfully mounted to /dev/video0, but i cant get picture. I tried to get 
picture with fswebcam, and got message to syslog:

Jan 11 15:55:26 SunFire kernel: [1512592.827475] compat_ioctl32: unknown ioctl 
'V', dir=6, #26 (0xc050561a)
Jan 11 15:55:26 SunFire kernel: [1512592.919494] ioctl32(fswebcam:21335): 
Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(c050561a){t:'V';sz:80} arg(ffa954f8) on /dev/video0

Also i tried applications: webcam and zoneminder. It dont work too. I tried 
this webcam on debian amd64 and i386 and it works fine. 
I have v4l on my sustem:
~$ find /lib/ -iname *v4l*

Searching in google gave no results.
Can anybody help me to find solution of this problem?

P.S.English is not my native language; please excuse typing errors.

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